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[BREAKING]: Shaun Abrahams appointed new NPA boss

18 June 2015 12:20 PM

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New NPA Head announced

In news just in, President Jacob Zuma has appointed senior state advocate Shaun Abrahams as the new Head of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). According to Eyewitness News reports, President Zuma said that Abrahams has 17 years of experience under his belt and has gained impeccable technical expertise for the role.The president said he is confident Abrahams will be able to enhance the efficiency of the NPA. EWN’s Barry Bateman:

This is somebody who hasn’t been in the public limelight; there’s not very much about him expected that President Zuma chose him for his significant experience in the prosecution chamber. We understand that Advocate Abrahams has 17 years of experience of prosecuting. He is a senior state advocate and we also understand that he has three degrees from the University of Natal. I did see Abrahams on Monday, at the High Court in Pretoria for the President Omar al-Bashir matter. He is also previously responsible for the prosecution of Nigerian terrorist Henry Okah as well as the right wingers in Mangaung who had plotted to kill President Zuma.

Barry Bateman, EWN Reporter

EWN's Mandy Wiener tells Stephen Grootes that the position of NPA Head is a 'poisoned chalice':

It is really a position that is tainted and as you look back you will see that not Director of Public Prosecutions has served out their full term. It has always ended in an inquiry or a golden handshake. So, some would argue that Shaun Abrahams is doomed to fail.

Mandy Wiener, EWN Reporter

Gauteng Premier outlines the budget for Gauteng

The Gauteng Premier, David Makhura is delivering a speech which outlines the budget for the province in the Gauteng legislature. To give us more insight, Eyewitness News', Gia Niccolaides reports:

Today he tabled that budget in his speech and outlined the plans for Gauteng. Basically he said infrastructure is one of the things he really wants to focus on to obviously improve roads, transport and a number of other issues and of course he wants to improve the response time by government to respond to basic service delivery issues and he says the service delivery wardroom is now operational across the provincial and local government levels.

Gia Niccolaides, EWN Reporter

Weather forecast for tonight's CEO Sleepout

It is meant to be the coldest night of the year this evening, as the 702 Sun International CEO Sleepout kicks off in Sandton later. EWN Traffic’s Aki Anastsiou brings us the forecast from outside where the CEOs are set to be spending the night.

It’s about 14 degrees at the moment, and it won’t be getting much higher than this. From now on it will start getting cooler. From about five o’clock in the afternoon the temperature will slide to about 10 degrees. Seven degrees is what it is expected to get to at midnight and it will be down to about three degrees at five AM in the morning.

Aki Anastsiou, EWN Traffic Reporter

“No to Eskom's prepaid metres and increments, yes to the people’s power.”

The ANC in Gauteng said it will not back down from installing prepaid electricity metres in parts of Soweto, after violent protests in Orlando broke out against the meters earlier this year. Zodwa Madiba, community activist and member of the Soweto Electricity Crisis Committee:

It is clear that the ANC, as a ruling party, is the one that is pushing the capitalist system on the poor people, as they've said the meters are there to stay. They don’t care about the people that voted them into power and have decided how we must live, for us. And we've said ‘no!’ to these metered boxes as the community of Soweto. There are people who do not have any income. Secondly, we are not certain that they considered the looming Eskom increment.

Zodwa Madiba, community activist

Curro school in hot water over alleged racist field-trip arrangements

A video, taken by one of the parents showing young school children getting off separate buses during a field trip, allegedly according to their race has emerged on social media.

Curro Roodeplaat was found guilty of racial segregation in May after it was revealed that children at the school were placed in separate classrooms according to their race. the school responded by saying this was based on the language preferences of the children. Eyewitness News' Alex Eliseev reports:

There’s already a statement out from Curro foundation and they are talking about the language barrier. They are saying this is not an incident where children were divided by the colour of their skin. They call this suggestions false conclusions, instead they say what they have is a suggestion where parents can choose whether their kids should be taught in English or Afrikaans and that is a distinction here. Two different buses in which one, the English speaking classes and the other the Afrikaans speaking classes and that is what they say led to this conclusion.

Alex Eliseev, EWN Reporter

The Ministerial Handbook still being revised after six – Cyril Ramaphosa

Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa on Wednesday commented in parliament that the Ministerial Handbook is still being revised Six years after the first announcement. The Handbook determines the privileges that members of the executive (Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Premiers) enjoy in terms of travels and accommodation.

The deputy president noted, however, that in 2014 and 2015 government departments had reduced travel and accommodation expenditure by more than R500 000 million. This had been achieved by negotiating bulk discounts on travel and accommodation.Stephen Grootes speaks to Gayle Mackinley to get more insight:

The Ministerial Handbook included the top up provision for all tax liabilities basically it means taxes are paid by the state. Additionally the package allows for housing allowance, 10 percent of the basic salary, full medical aid, death benefits, disability cover and all sorts of things.

Gayle Mackinley

Rachel Dolezal provokes the question: what’s in a race , anyway?

A conversation on the definition of blackness and whiteness continues in the US, after it emerged that Rachel Dolezal had claimed to be an African-American woman after she was born to white parents. Andile Mnxitama, associate of the Sankara Policy and Political School, with his comment:

It is not just a matter of pigmentation. From the black consciousness position in South Africa, there was a time and need to define who was black to help us better fight the white supremacist reality. I find it tedious and annoying that we are discussing this blackface case of this one white woman. We should just dismiss this appropriation.

Andile Mnxitama, associate of the Sankara Policy and Political School

18 June 2015 12:20 PM

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