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5 things you need to know about how water restrictions affect you

6 September 2016 1:52 PM

Joburg residents will be fined for failing to abide by level 2 water restrictions implemented this week.

The City of Joburg has pleaded with residents to be more conscientious with their water consumption as level 2 water restrictions are implemented.

The decision aims to reduce water consumption by 15% in accordance with Gauteng's water utility body, Rand Water.

702's Katy Katopodis (standing in for Azania Mosaka) spoke to MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services, Anthony Still, in an effort to decipher exactly how the restrictions will affect residents.

He said the restrictions have been in place since November 2015 but weren't widely publicised.

Below are 5 points about the restrictions:

  • residents aren't be allowed to water their gardens between certain hours
  • residents aren't allowed to fill their swimming pools with municipal water
  • residents aren't allowed to use hose pipes to wash cars are clean paving on driveways
  • sprinklers are prohibited from being used during the day or night time
  • a water restriction tariff will be charged against households consuming more than 20 000 litres a month

About 40% of the water in Joburg is used on irrigating gardens. If you look at where people are going to give us that 15% savings, it's from there, because people aren't going to stop washing their dishes.

Anthony Still, MMC for environment and infrastructure

6 September 2016 1:52 PM