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#OpenUpTheIndustry discussed on #NightTalk

27 April 2016 11:04 PM

Gugs and Sizwe were joined in studio by Bonang Matheba, Tim Horwood and Kutlwano Ditsebe to continue the #OpenUpTheIndustry discussion which revealed barriers to entry in the local entertainment industry.

Barriers to entry in the entertainment industry came under scrutiny on Freedom Day through the #OpenUpTheIndustry hashtag on Twitter, the social media platform.

Entertainment industry practitioners discussed the need to create more opportunities for new talent in the industry, which arguably caters for a select few.

On #NightTalk, Gugs and Sizwe hosted a roundtable discussion on #OpenUpTheIndustry which featured radio and television personality Bonang Matheba, MTV Base Channel Director Tim Horwood and Kutlwano Ditsebe, television producer and casting director at Bomb Productions.

Established industry professionals and those who are struggling to enter the entertainment industry also shared their experiences and views during this discussion.

Listen to the first part of the #OpenUpTheIndustry discussion:

I don't think there is a high barrier to entry. When you compare our industry to other industries around the world, we don't have this huge industry with high walls that are impossible to climb over. I've seen many people who through sheer determination and fostering get into the industry

Tim Horwood, MTV Base Channel Director

We knew we needed to find someone new, we knew we needed to find someone who could carry a role (before hiring Nomzamo Mbatha in Isibaya), which is a difficult thing to do

Kutlwano Ditsele, television producer and Casting Director at Bomb Productions

As an artist, you cannot survive on just one job in this industry. If I only just had to do Top Billing, I wouldn't be able to support myself

Bonang Matheba, television and radio personality

Listen to the second part of the #OpenUpTheIndustry conversation:

I found a lot of people were trying to attack especially, what I believe are our female stars in this country that work very very hard

Tumisho Masha, actor

Artists themselves are pointing fingers at each other, but actually they are not the problem. The problem is our industry. Our industry is not regulated. You will never know who is professional in this industry

Tony Kgoroge, actor

Why do you have to prove yourself so much if you have talent in South Africa?

Sizwe from Johannesburg

People (casting teams) should take new faces, but established faces should still be there

Nontando from Witbank

People will not follow you easily, just because you're on TV. As a TV presenter, do you have to start pushing mechanisms to draw a crowd to match up with people who have been on these platforms for years, or does the content of the TV show draw people towards the kind of TV presenter you should grow into

Khanya from Cape Town

Having worked in the industry and done talent searches, if we're brutally honest, we can get 3 000, 4 000 or 5 000 people coming to an audition... It's hard to get people who know what they are doing

Tendai from Randburg

Its so important that you have perseverance. I'm 33 years of age, and I've just made my first movie. I've wanted to make a movie for 13 years. In those 13 years, I didn't just sit down and say I want to make my first movie

Thabang Moleya, director

27 April 2016 11:04 PM